We help you find and breed disruptive talent inhouse.

We develop intrapreneurs who inspire and empower their teams.
We help you identify disruptive talent and assess their suitability and readiness to move into business-critical leadership positions and profile them for targeted development. 
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We help you breed intrapreneurs and provide an ’exploratory’ for talent to incubate inspiring and disruptive ideas, projects and products and experiment with different leadership styles.

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We help you create empowered organisations through embedding coaching skills into your leadership teams that transform your leaders from the inside out, as well as their teams. 

We equip leaders with new business-critical capabilities and integrate our programmes with your key business challenges for problem solving and as a means to innovate.

Breeding disruptive
talent from within

As the business landscape is changing, margins become tighter and global market dynamics put additional pressure on sectors, disruptive innovation becomes a key growth lever for many companies today to secure new market shares. At Klein Talent Partners we recognise that unlocking disruptive talent and creating agile conditions inhouse is key to produce new innovation and revolutionise existing markets. We help you find, breed and empower disruptive talent and build new capabilties for your organisation. Free hybrid thinkers who produce and follow through on disruptive ideas will make the difference for many of today’s organisations. We help you rethink your people conditions and find and breed the few who will create a difference. 

At Klein Talent Partners,we specialise in co-creating and delivering high impact local and cross-border talent & organisational development projects through our global partner network of hand-picked consulting partners.
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