Co-creating performance solutions from within

We intervene at the human, team, organisation and system level 


We specialise in delivering high impact local and cross-border talent & organisation programmes from within through our global network of hand-picked collaborators and consulting partners.

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We create sustainable transformational change by co-creating integrated human performance solutions with our client’s teams that stick. Each client engagement starts with our client’s customers value chain in mind and a team enquiry related to the desired business impact that our client intends for their customer. With our global partner network we are able to develop high impact projects in your local culture and language and across boundaries.


Business Performance Focus

We know that many of today’s business performance challenges are often rooted in a number of interrelated people and organisational misalignments. 

We help our clients raise their performance bar and connect human dynamics to matters of strategy, organisation and culture. To shift business performance, we intervene at the human and business levels and help our clients find new ways of working and create alignment between strategy, people, organisation, culture. Our performance solutions go deep and far beyond the usual metrics and start with our client’s customers value chain in mind. 



Global Network & Local Solutions

Through our international partner network of hand-picked talent management, leadership development and organisational effectiveness leaders, we are able to deliver high impact projects in your local culture and language and cross-border at the same time across all major regions.

Most of our consulting partners have worked on the client side in international talent, leadership or organisational development roles and have experienced many of the challenges our clients are facing today. Together, we strive to find consistent local solutions to our your challenges, whilst synergising and tapping into our global expert network.

Whole Systems Approach

At Klein Talent Partners, we follow a systemic and solution-focused consulting approach. We start each client engagement by taking a holistic and layered view of our clients´ situation and unfold the interrelationships, dynamics, assumptions and beliefs that underpin their performance challenges. We work at the "root cause level" and help remove barriers and reshape patterns - be it at an individual, team and/or organisational level, whilst building new capabilties inhouse at the same time.

Being solution-focused is to engage our clients in “feed-forward" or future focused activities rather than thinking in “problem fixing" terms. We co-create a strong positive outlook with our clients and drive an action-oriented, forward-focused solutioning process, instead of too much focusing on their present state and therefore overly emphasising the problem.


Integrated Solutions

We co-create integrated talent and organisational solutions and embed those into our client’s wider initiatives as part of their organisational journey.

Through our central PMO we provide an end-to-end service and integrate with our partners and other suppliers to provide a seamless, best-in-class service to our clients.

Local Co-Creation

We form highly collaborative partnerships with our client’s teams and co-explore their current challenges with them by encouraging new and insightful ways of thinking that look beyond the symptoms they are experiencing.

Based on shared insights, we co-create a desirable purpose and future narrative with your teams to find common solutions to their challenges, whilst engaging  the entire organisation aroud them at the same time. 



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