Co-creating transformation journies from the inside out

Our ambition is to create high business impact for our clients.


We create impact through our stakeholder centered and versatile consulting approach. We intervene at the human & business levers at the same time, whilst developing new critical capabilities from within.
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Whether you need help with developing new capabilities as a result of changes in your operating model, assessing talent for potential or for key leadership appointments or realigning your organisation and plan for wider workforce shifts, we co-create agile solutions with you that drive sustainable people and business impact and match the reality you are operating in. We also help you build new capabilties in-house to create self-reliance and endurance.



We follow a systemic and integrated consulting approach and deliver sustainable results - no matter what role we are asked to play.

Human & Business Levers

To achieve breakthrough people and business performance, we apply a unique blend of business coaching and methodological consulting expertise and intervene at the human and business level at the same time. Our interventions are designed to create systemic alignment between strategy, leadership, organisation and people to create the desired business impact.

We follow a reiterative approach to ensure that business results are sustainable and co-create intervention architectures with our clients that they are able to execute on an on-going basis. 

Building Capability From Within

Whilst co-creating solutions with our clients, we start embedding our business problem solving methodology into their thinking and transfer our proven toolkits during our client assignment.

Depending on the need, we also provide educational programmes, which aim at embedding talent and organisational development capabilities inhouse. These programmes are highly experiential and focus on applying proven methodologies to ‘real life’ business cases.

Versatile Consulting Style

Our clients appreciate us flexing our consulting style according to their present situation - we either act as business coaches, systemic consultants or subject matter experts to find the right solution to our client’s business problem. We lead projects from the front and with the outcome in mind and stay on with your teams during implementation.

At Klein Talent Partners, we are known for our reiterative, pragmatic and business-focused consulting mind-set to deliver our client’s desired impacts. If required we also work as shadow consultants and provide our expertise in a discreet way to help and accelerate your situation.
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