Klein Talent Partners is a London-based talent and organisational consulting firm with global reach

We solve business performance challenges and help our clients build capabilities from within. Most of our work sits at the nexus of people, strategy and organisational performance. 

We specialise in delivering innovative high impact talent, leadership and organisational performance solutions from within through our global network of hand-picked collaborators and consulting partners.


We help our clients solve their people and business challenges through a blend of integrated leadership, talent and organisational interventions designed to deliver strong sustainable business results.

We create impact through our versatile consulting style which is pragmatic, stakeholder centered and business focused, whilst intervening at the human & business levers at the same time.

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Leadership Team

Aligning your leadership teams for success. We work with your executive teams on their overall team effectiveness, support strategy deployment and help you accelerate through targeted team work outs and 1-2-1 transformational coaching. 

Strategic Talent Development

Accelerating talent into business-critical leadership positions.  We help you assess your talent pipeline and their readiness, breed intrapreneurs from within and create inspiring leaders who empower their teams to innovate.

Organisational Effectiveness

Reinventing organisations from within. We facilitate thorough organisational problem solving processes with your customer’s value chain in mind and help you implement people and organisational shifts that create strong differentiation.


High impact and breakthrough projects from within. We provide high calibre interim organisational development staff, ranging from senior to executive levels, to help you drive transformation and fill critical skill gaps over a defined period of time.


HR Director

Connecting global HR leaders with similiar business & people challenges. Our HR Director Network is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer conversations amongst international HR heads and provides a platform for shared & accelerated problem solving in a workshop type format.


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Klein Talent Partners Ltd. is a UK registered company.

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